Dec 10, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 35


Join our quest for laughs this week! Can you endure the terrors of automated phone calls? Will you go toe to toe with Germaine Greer in the French version of Woman's Hour? Or survive the mighty Kraken and tea with elderly parents? All for National Trust membership and a kiss from Sweet Sally Wainwright of Mafeking Terrace, 13B above the sweet shop?

Nov 26, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 34


Season 2 of Duluth's favourite sketch comedy podcast has landed! It's stuffed with handy tips on how to: help lighthouse keepers chill out with elephants, pitch terrible movie ideas, catch killers, create Dada-esque movie trailers, take thought showers and create an abyss of madness in your garden. What a way to celebrate our first birthday and kick off season 2!

Nov 12, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 33


Foul-mouthed tortoises and Biblical heroes? Organ lessons and angry double glazing salesmen? Lazy medics and killers dressed as apes? What other sketch comedy podcast on earth can offer all that? None. Only Release The Clowns! The home of peak UK silliness.

Oct 29, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 32


Are you: A) Ovulating; B) Tied to a table made of gold; C) Tracking a ruthless killer; D) A witch with attitude; or E) Looking for the perfect Biblical quote? If you answered 'yes' or 'no' to any of those, then this week's sketch comedy podcast is for you. If you're not sure of the answer and would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this show description, then simply listen to the show and all will be explained. Or not.

Oct 15, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 31


Ever wanted to go to a fantasy realm for a stag do? Or cycle with Edwardian ladies, rob a bank, blow up an asteroid, or cast spells to defeat the armies of evil? You can do all that and more in this week's mind boggling sketch comedy podcast! This week with added dogs. Yes, we guarantee 100% more dogs in this episode than last week's. But no cats. If you want cats, download episodes 1 and 7. For gerbils, you want episode 14, for zombie pigeons, episode 21.

Oct 1, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 30


This week we invited film legend Brian De Palma to direct our comedy sketch podcast and boy, what a show we've got! We wrap up warm for a polar expedition, undergo a medical 'procedure', pay our respects to a deceased kleptomaniac, invade other people's personal space, get away with murder and have a prostate exam. Typical week, really...

Sep 17, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 29


In this week's delicious comedy sketch podcast, we discover that the first casualty of war is hair; that you don't cross the Hare Krishnas; that beekeepers need exercise too; that there are few things worse than ending up in Runcorn and that even the Lord of Darkness should be careful what he wishes for.

Sep 3, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 28


The Web's favourite comedy sketch podcast is back from the summer break with a hatful of brand new silliness: Jesus on Eastenders, parents who get everyday phrases wrong, straight men being funny, the toughest check out lady ever to wield a pricing gun in the mean aisles of the roughest supermarket in Britain & more!

Aug 20, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 27


What happens when a comedy sketch podcast goes wrong? Find out in our out-takes special. Hear some of our favourite sketches and then hear how we royally cocked them up in the studio in early takes. It's an insight into how much fun we have making the show, even when our brains and mouths have stopped working in harmony. We've got fluffs, flubs, profanity and a cat ensemble. Yes, a cat ensemble!

Aug 6, 2018

Release the Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 26


Get ready for a historical comedy sketch bonanza! It's all our favourite historical Release The Clowns sketches in one place. That's right, we've opened up our archives in the hope that we may educate, illuminate, elucidate and inform. From Medieval emojis to off-key Hieroglyphics, from the humble Tommy to the valiant Suffragette, from the darkest hours to the dazzling genius of Leonardo and Freud,  we capture the grand sweep of human development, and filter it through the prism of peak UK sketch silliness.

Jul 23, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 25


In this week's comedy sketch podcast extravaganza we get our street slang dictionary out for a great new holiday destination, we get hassled by fat-shaming babies, Daleks relax, there's a ruined climax in a fringe theatre, two straight men try to be funny and we road test the new Diabolical Disintegrating Death Ray. All good family fun!

Jul 9, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 24


This episode of Scandinavia's second favourite comedy sketch podcast has everything - Budgie wrangling, home operations, a way of solving all your relationship problems through extreme violence, the whole of world history with Lucy Worsley, crap war reporting, the entire universe with Brian Cox and, of course, the World Cup. Yes, it's coming home!*

*Release The Clowns cannot guarantee that this is the football World Cup, or that it will actually come home.


Jun 25, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 23


As the Release The Clowns comedy sketch podcast hits the 10,000 downloads per episode mark, we head to Liars Anonymous via the King's Fringe Theatre costume department. On the way we meet the unfunniest men in comedy, Edwardian ladies with a serious case of moustache envy and a bunch of *rseholes. Then we've just got time for tea - but woe betide you if you don't offer to make it for your colleagues!

Jun 11, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 22


It's Episode 22 of THE comedy sketch podcast. If you love sequins and gimp masks, easily baffled news reporters, romantic dates with hunky Russians and a quarter pound of what you fancy from the cornershop, then this week's titanic episode of Release The Clowns should be right up your alley... although we can't guarantee the appearance of Leonardo di Caprio, Kate Winslet or the French Canadian musical stylings of whatsherface. Sorry.

May 28, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 21


What do you get when you cross killer pigeons with ancient Egyptian curses, patronising shop assistants and insufferable yuppies? You get this week's episode of the Release The Clowns comedy sketch podcast. Carefully crafted at our secret base on the Isle of Wight, it's paraben free and now has added anti-oxidants - yummy!

May 14, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 20


It's show 20! Yes, we've reached onother milestone on the road to absurdity. Yet again, Lincoln Nebraska's most downloaded comedy sketch podcast is answering the questions people need answered: is Batley a better place to live than Malaga? Can you just make up your own sayings? Should you work during your wedding? And golf - why? Really, why golf?

Apr 30, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 19


It's an artistic extravaganza in our comedy sketch podcast this week! We've got Yorkshire miners busting moves, achitects working in crayon, sensual pottery classes, and a magazine helping you create your own desecration of nature. All that plus horse racing and deeply distressed damsels thrown in! It knocks OK and Grazia into a cocked hat.

Apr 16, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 18


It's not often that a comedy sketch podcast tackles major questions of existence, but that's what we're gonna do! This week, we're asking: Why did the chicken cross the road? Can you get off an assault charge because you had your fingers crossed at the time? And what won't Bono do for charity? Prepare for enlightenment!

Apr 2, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 17


In this week's comedy sketch podcast, we're on a quest with wizards, feminists armed with mashed potatoes and actors with trousers. Can we discover how to defuse a timebomb with a mercury switch while thinking up clever puns about the weather? Why would we even want to try that? Find out here!

Mar 19, 2018

Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast Episode 16


Why do vampires hate Springtime? Was Freud a plagiarist? Should people from Yorkshire be allowed to recite poetry? All these questions and more are at least somewhat answered in this rip-roaring episode of Release The Clowns - the greatest comedy sketch podcast never to appear on iTunes New & Notable.

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